Wifi controller for minisplit
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Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners
Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners

Cuby G4 - Smart control for minisplit air conditioners

Smart Wifi control for minisplits.
Control, turn off and on your air conditioner automatically from anywhere.

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Technical Specifications

BrandCuby Smart
Connectivity technologyWifi + Bluetooth 5.0 (for external sensors)
Power Type5vcd
Average Consumption0.18W
Dimensions8 x 8 x 1.8 cm 

Key Features

  • Automatiza reglas y horarios para personalizar el funcionamiento de tu aire de acuerdo a tus rutinas.
  • Compatibilidad con sensores para configurar apagados por ausencia o puertas/ventanas abiertas.
  • Control y monitoreo remoto desde cualquier parte del mundo (que tenga conexión Wifi).
  • Estadísticas de uso, temperatura, humedad, etc. desde
  • Sensor integrado de temperatura y humedad. 
  • Control por Voz con Alexa y Google Home. Integración con sensores externos de presencia y puerta/ventana.
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Help Center: 
Phone: 444 825 0232
Warranty against defects: Cuby G4 comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects (it is a Mexican product, so the warranty is very efficient if needed).

Compatibility warranty: We offer a compatibility warranty with any Minisplit. If it is not compatible, we can add remote compatibility or refund your purchase (as long as it was purchased directly from us).

Satisfaction warranty: You have 30 days from the date of purchase to request a return. You can return the product and we will refund the total amount of your purchase.
Funciona con cualquier marca y modelo de aire acondicionado tipo minisplit, ya que se controla por medio de infrarrojo.

Connection Diagram

Make Your Air Conditioner Smart



Automate by days, hours and minutes or create custom rules
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View temperature, humidity, A/C usage and other variables in real time
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Universal remote control from your cell phone
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Different modes to prevent misuse of the A/C
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4 Easy Installation Steps

Greater control over your air conditioner from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Set up with the free app

Download the "Cuby Smart" app, create an account and set up your Cuby.
This process normally takes less than 2 minutes.

In the app, you can name the Cuby and configure it to the type of air conditioner you want to control.

Place the Cuby

Place the Cuby in line of sight of the Minisplit.
Cuby will control it by sending infrared signals like those of the original remote control, and in turn, Cuby connects to the internet with the WiFi network and uses Bluetooth to connect with optional wireless sensors.

Control with the App and Automate

Use the mobile app or PC ( to control and monitor your air conditioner.

You can create rules, schedules, and automations to improve your comfort.

Remote monitoring

Analyze the use of the air conditioner, as well as the temperature and relative humidity of the environment to optimize its use.

Receive alerts and notifications,view graphs, and other usage statistics.

High compatibility

A product for each type of air conditioner
Compatible with any brand and model, regardless of whether it is inverter or non-inverter.

Cuby doesn't require the air conditioner to have Wfi or be smart, as it controls it by infrared.
Fan & Coil
Compatible with Fan and Coil equipment UMATCH o VRF withinfrared thermostat.

For equipment without infrared, the Cuby Aria may have a variant compatible with your A/C.
Fully compatible with Cassete equipment, as they have an infrared receiver.
Compatible only with PTAC console A/C units with infrared receiver

For equipment without infrared, we have the Cuby PTAC that connects to the thermostat interface.
Chiller Water
Cuby G4 is not compatible for Chiller Water equipments, for this equipment, we have a special thermostat.
Cuby Cuby G4 is not compatible for HVAC package equipments

For this equipment, we have a 24V smart thermostat.



Is it compatible with minisplit?

Yes, Cuby works with any minisplit regardless of the brand or model.

What is the difference between Cuby G4 and G4 PRO?
The Cuby G4 Pro has all the features of the Cuby G4 and also has a sound sensor that allows you to view the decibels in the room in real time and receive alerts for the noise level.

In addition to a short-range radar that complements the sentry detection and can be used in bedrooms that do not have a ceiling fan without a sentry.

One last difference is the central lens, in the case of the G4 Pro it has a white spherical lens to make it more discreet in vacation rental applications.

What warranties does it have?

  • Compatibility warranty
  • 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Satisfaction warranty. 100% refund within the first 30 days

How far away does it need to be from the minisplit?

Cuby controls the minisplit using high-power infrared transmitters.

In most cases, it doesn't matter where you put it as long as it is in line of sight of the air conditioner you want to control (in the same room).

It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a piece of furniture.

How do I set it up with Alexa or Google Home?

For AlexaSimply search for and install the "Cuby Smart" skill.

To set up with Google Home, add a new smart device and search the list for "Cuby Smart".
How do I install it?
1. Place Cuby somewhere in the room with the minisplit.
2. Download the free "Cuby Smart" app and set it up. Cuby connects to the internet through your Wi-Fi network and controls your air conditioner using infrared (like the original remote control).

It takes less than 5 minutes and anyone can do it.
Can I control it from outside the house?
No matter where you are in the world, you can monitor and control your air conditioner in real time over the internet, as long as your Cuby has a Wi-Fi network with internet available.
Does it have any monthly fees?
There are no monthly fees for memberships or licenses.
How do I set up the away mode and/or door and window opening?
The presence sensor (Sentry) or opening sensor (Bee) is required.

Once installed, simply assign the Cuby from the mobile app and configure the shutdown times.

The connection to the sensors is 100% wireless.