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Universal Smart Thermostat
VAT included. Free shipping in Mexico
Cuby G4 + Aria in 1 product

Make Your Air Conditioner Smart

Choose the Cuby Aria, compatible with Air condition equipment
Cuby Aria IR AC (powered by 110V)
Cuby Aria IR DC (powered by 5VDC)
Cuby Aria 24V
Cuby Aria V (for F&C Inverter)
Cuby Aria F&C (for Chilled Water F&C)

Have compatibility questions?

Contact us, we'll help you find the right Cuby Aria for your air conditioner



What warranties does it have?

  • 3-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 100% Refund.

How do I set temperature limits and modes?

Using the Cuby App, you can enter the thermostat settings and set any range of allowed temperatures as well as operating modes.

How do I set it up with Alexa or Google Home?

To set up with Alexa, simply search for and install the skill called "Cuby Smart".Tutorial Cuby <>Alexa

To set up with Google Home, add a new smart device and search for "Cuby Smart" in the list.

What's the difference between the Cuby Aria and the ARIA wall control?

Cuby Aria combines a Cuby G4 with an Aria in the same product, so it does not require an external Cuby G4. The Aria wall control requires an additional Cuby G4 to function.
The advantage of Cuby Aria is that it is less expensive and only requires one product. The disadvantage is that it must be powered, unlike the Aria wall control, which is battery-powered and can be placed anywhere in the room.

Another important difference is that Cuby Aria can work for other types of air conditioners (Fan & Coil, package, chiller, etc.).
Can I control it when I'm away from home?
No matter where you are in the world, you can monitor and control your air conditioner in real time over the internet, as long as your Cuby has a Wifi network with internet available.