Door or Window Sensor for Air Conditioner
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Bee - Aperture Sensor
Bee - Aperture Sensor
Bee - Aperture Sensor

Bee - Aperture Sensor

Smart door opening sensor for air conditioner
Prevents the use of the A/C with open doors or windows.
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Technical Specifications

BrandCuby Smart
Wireless TechnologyBluetooth V5
Batery2x AAA batteries (1.5 V) Duration of 3 to 5 years
MountingDouble-sided tape or screw
Weight58 g

Key Features

  • Automatic air conditioning shutoff when the door or window is left open.
  • Automatic turn-on when closed again.
  • Keypad lock with the Aria control that blocks air conditioning use with open doors/windows.
  • Configurable A/C shutoff time so it's not immediate.

*Requires a Cuby (G4, G4 pro or Cuby Aria). It is suggested to use an Aria Wall Control to ensure proper operation.

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Help center 
Warranty against defects: It comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects (it is a Mexican product, so the warranty is very efficient if needed).

Satisfaction warranty: You have 30 days from the date of purchase to request a return. You can return the product and we will refund the total amount of your purchase.
Works with any brand and model of air conditioner, requires a Cuby G4 or Cuby Aria to function.
Connection Diagram

Smart Door Opening Sensor

Save energy at all times

    When it detects that a window or door is open


    Once the door or window is closed


    Use the mobile app to know when a door or window is open

Installation in minutes

Set up with the free App

Download the "Cuby Smart" App, create an account, and set up the Sensor.

A Cuby (G4, G4 pro, or Cuby Aria) is required as the Bee does not work independently (like the Sentry).

Coloca el Bee

The Bee is 100% wireless and includes double-sided tape for quick installation. Just stick one part on the door/window and the other on the frame.

If you wish, it can also be screwed in(screws included).

Remote monitoring

Use the mobile app or PC ( to monitor the opening history or when a door/window is open.



Is it compatible with my A/C?

The compatibility with air conditioning equipment is the same as with Cuby G4 or Cuby Aria. You can check the section of each of these products to review the compatibility in detail.

In short, it is compatible with:
- Minisplit (using Cuby G4, G4 Pro, Cuby Aria IR)
- Fan and coil umatch/vrf (using Cuby Aria V)
- Chilled Water Fan & Coil (using Cuby Aria F&C)
- Packaged (using Cuby Aria 24V)
- PTAC or console (using Cuby PTAC)

What warranties does it have?

  • 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Satisfaction warranty. 100% refund within the first 30 days

Can it be placed outdoors?

The sensor is for indoor use only.

If you need to install it outdoors, please contact us to request a version with humidity protection (not waterproof).This humidity treatment has an additional cost.
Can 2 or more Cuby's use the same sensor?
Yes, it is possible for 2 or more Cubys to share 1 or more Bee (or Sentry) door sensors, as the maximum number of Door Sensors (or Sentry) that can be monitored with a Cuby is 20.
How is it installed?
1. Set up with the "Cuby Smart" App to assign the sensor to 1 or more Cubys and then configure the off times.
2. Stick or screw it to the door or window to be monitored.
Does it require a Cuby to function?
Yes. A Cuby (G4, G4 Pro, or Cuby Aria) is required for the sensor to function.
How long does the battery last?
The duration varies from 3 to 5 years. Uses 2 AAA batteries (included and replaceable).

Does it have any connections? How does it control the A/C?

The sensor is 100% wireless. It integrates with a Cuby and it is the Cuby that sends the turn-off signal to the A/C.