Cuby smart G4 content

Inside the Cuby box you will find:

  1. Cuby G4
  2. voltage adapter
  3. Mounting Accessory
  4. Quick use guide


Remote control location for minisplit

Place Cuby in an optimal place within the same room where the Air conditioning to be controlled is. Cuby will control the air conditioning using infrared light (like the original remote control).

The cuby's infrared power is high so it can usually be placed anywhere in the room.

It can be mounted on a wall with the included mounting accessory or it can also be placed on furniture, as long as its infrared lens is not blocked by any object and has a direct view of the ceiling or walls.


Universal control connection for air conditioning

  1. Plug the voltage adapter into a socket. The adapter supports voltages from 90VAC to 250VAC (50/60Hz).
  2. Connect the micro USB end to the Cuby, the light should turn blue or red.


  1. Download the App for iOS or Android.
    iOS: https://cuby.mx/app/ios
    Android: https://cuby.mx/app/android
  2. Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  3. From the main menu (top left) select "Add Cuby".
  4. Select the type of Cuby (Cuby G4).
  5. Follow the steps indicated in the App to connect the Cuby to your home/office WiFi.

Once the Cuby is configured for Wi-Fi, its LED will turn green for a few seconds and then turn off completely (this is so that the light does not bother you at night).

The next step is to configure the Cuby to the minisplit:

  1. In the Application select the newly added Cuby
  2. Make sure you put the correct time zone.
  3. You follow the instructions shown in the App to find a protocol compatible with your minisplit.
  4. The search process is manual, you have to try each protocol one by one until the A/C turns on (the process is quick). To do this, press the "Next" button until the air comes on, waiting 1 to 2 seconds between each press of the button.
  5. When the air conditioning makes a sound or turns on, you must indicate "Yes" On in the App.


If you have problems adding Cuby, check the following steps:

  1. It is necessary to have Bluetooth activated on the cell phone during configuration.
  2. It is also necessary to have the Location service (GPS) activated during the configuration process since the Location service includes GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth; since the cell phone's operating system is not active, it blocks access to Bluetooth, making configuration impossible. of Cuby.
  3. In case the cell phone does not detect the Cuby during configuration, make sure to follow the steps shown in the App correctly and also make sure that Bluetooth and the Location service on the cell phone are activated. If it still does not detect it, try restarting the cell phone.
  4. It is important not to manually connect the cell phone to the Cuby via Bluetooth as this will prevent the application from detecting the Cuby. If you have paired it manually from the Bluetooth menu, you will need to remove the Cuby from the list of paired devices.