Brand Cuby Smart
Model cubcon-bit1wg
Warranty 1 year against factory defects
Country of origin Mexico
Material ABS

8cm x 8cm x 1.8cm (knob height 2cm)




White or Black (gray or black knob)

Interface mechanical knob
Control functions ON/OFF, Temperature, Fan speed, Display
Configurable limits Minimum and maximum temperature, fan speed, ON and OFF
Battery Life 8 years
Battery Type 2x AA
Mounting Type Can be used portable or screwed to the wall with the included accessory
Mounting location On wall or any surface
Connectivity Bluetooth 5
Frequencies 2,400 to 2,500 Ghz
Wireless Range 20 meters
Compatibility Compatible with Cubys that have Bluetooth. (Cuby G4, Cuby Sensei, Aria for Fan & Coil, etc).