Your Sustainable Airbnb

Have peace of mind when renting your property knowing that guests are not misusing the air conditioning.

  • Cuby turns off the A/C automatically when the presence sensor does not detect people for the configured time.
  • By leaving doors or windows open for more than the configured time, the A/C will turn off automatically and the guest will not be able to turn it on until they close it. An alert will appear on the wall control (Aria) screen.
  • Limits the minimum temperature and modes that the guest can set on the wall control, saving money by preventing very low temperatures from being set.
  • Turn on the Air Conditioning before the guest arrives remotely with your cell phone, to improve their experience. It is also possible to turn it off at checkout time.
  • View in real time the current status of the air conditioners and the temperature + relative humidity of the rooms.
  • Review 3-month history of presence, door opening and A/C use.
  • You will be able to see savings and usage percentages to understand how they are using your property and how to achieve greater savings.
  • Set up temperature and relative humidity alerts . If you see that the humidity is very high and the house is uninhabited, you can turn on the A/C in dehumidifier mode remotely to protect your furniture from humidity.
  • Resolve conflicts thanks to the history provided by the sensors, you will be able to know when someone entered and left the house (day, hour and minute).
  • The system is very easy to install , all products are wireless (except Cuby which requires a 110 or 220 connection). The battery is designed to last many years.
  • It is designed and manufactured in Mexico by a Mexican company, so the support and guarantees are first class.

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